Real life stories

Meet the people who got on the ladder with just a little help from shared ownership

Discover real life stories of how people have fast-tracked the games and got two feet on the property ladder.

From communal living to a place of her own – Newlon

Queensland Road, a landmark multi-storey development on a former industrial site adjacent to the Emirates Stadium, was the last part of Newlon Housing Trust’s housing to be completed as part of the Arsenal Regeneration Area – one of the largest regeneration projects in Europe. One of the residents living there shares her story. Natalie, who

A new home in Redbridge with Newlon

Napier Apartments is one of Newlon’s most recent developments. Built in conjunction with Rooff, it is located just a couple of minutes’ walk from Goodmayes station. One of the residents there shares her experience. Holly, who works as a scientist for the NHS, has lived in London for 13 years. She was renting with friends

Planning a future in Cosmopolitan London – L&Q

Pursuing a career in mixology, Amélie Diaz moved from France to London for the opportunity to work in one of the world’s leading cocktail scenes. Renting in a shared flat in Camden, Amelie enjoyed being close to London’s bar life, but thought that renting was the only way she could afford to live in the

Putting Down Roots with L&Q

After renting for several years, John and his wife, Scarlett, knew they wanted to get onto the property ladder but weren’t sure that they could afford to buy on the open market. A conversation with Scarlett’s brother had sparked their interest in Shared Ownership. John says: “We’d been renting in Billericay for about five years.